Task Force 72 Monthly Report – June 2019

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Well, I can’t believe how fast the year is going, we are already into the latter half of the year.  I’d still like to know where February, March, April, May, and June went. Anyways, this month was relatively quiet with nothing too big happening.  So this will be a shorter report than normal. I’ve been working with the TGCOs to set up a website for the Task Force Wargames, our hope is to help streamline things and get all our information into one area.  More to come, which is another way of saying once I stop being lazy and put the site up I will pass that link to those who are interested. So without any more fanfare, we will just move into the report cause I am sure you didn’t come here to read my ramblings… 

Task Force Stats

  • Total Simms: 16
  • Ships with CO’s: 11
  • Ships with Pending CO’s: 0
  • Open Commands: 5

Another steady month with no losses and no gains. I know I say this each month, but I still working with the TGCO on recruitments ideas and ways to help strengthen our base. We have refreshed our open commands, listed below:

  • Task Group 72A – USS Tesla
  • Task Group 72B – Triton Seabase, USS Athena
  • Task Group 72C – USS Eagle, USS Polaris

If you are interested in one of these commands or have an idea about a possible new command please send me a message in discord (Jakers#5090), I would love to hear from you.

Unit of Merit

“This month was a struggle for me, as we have several good games with equally talented players on those games.  However, this month my Silver UoM Award is going to the SS Mary Rose. Having seen the setbacks and hardships over the last year, this simm continues to push through and produce creative, talented storylines that are a pleasure to read.  Their strength and determination is a testament to their crew and their Commanding Officer. Captain Gregnol and crew should be very proud of what they have accomplished and overcome. Congrats to the crew of the SS Mary Rose” ~ Harrington

In Closing

So wrapping up a few things to pass on, don’t forget Obsidian Day and mark your calendars. Come join the fun on July 27th, 2019 (link: https://www.obsidianfleet.net/2019/07/06/obsidian/)  Secondly go to the OF Site and send in those nominations for the Obsidian Day Awards (link: https://www.obsidianfleet.net/2019/06/22/22056/) our Communications Director has done a wonderful job creating and complying this for us, now let’s flood her inbox with dozens of nominations.  Finally here is hoping everyone has a great summer! See ya all next month.