Joint Fleet Command Report – May 2019

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I’d comment on it being halfway through the year but everyone else has done it too so instead I’m just going to say

Welcome to the JFC report for May!

In this issue:

  • Where’s March’s, April’s reports gone?
  • Site News
  • Fleet Changes
  • Obsidian Day!


Where’s the other reports then?

This is an apology of sorts. The JFC’s been a bit distracted by this thing called “real life” which gets in the way. I’ve got a new job which has took the last 10 weeks to settle down, Sepandiyar had an unfortunate accident which doubled the size of the company he manages and Sharr’s got a lot of things juggling at the moment. The reports were sat partially drafted each month but by the time I got round to it again after starting it it was the following month. We’ll do better going forward.

Site News

We’ve made some fairly major changes to IFS2 recently, including moving to a new host. Strangely we’ve managed to get some new bugs in the system which I’m still working out where the hell they’ve come from. Certain front end aspects are being disabled in favour of the backend system, which is more stable, more consistent across updates and gives you access to the rest of the system too in one handy place.

Fleet Changes

The Fleet Council recently signed off on a series of changes to the Fleet structure. Effective today, we’re introducing a new Task Force to the Fleet.

Welcome to Task Force 29

TF29’s a bit different from the usual TF structure. It’s not going to be in the OF Prime timeline directly, sat in a section of Federation space defending against the unknown threats. Rather, TF29 will acknowledge the different ideas and worlds that Trek has developed and allow the fleet to explore these in a familiar supporting environment. With that in mind, there’s three Task Groups representing different “strands” of the Trek Universe.

Task Group A: Different Times

This TG is devoted to the different eras of Trek, so DiscoTOS, TMP, DiscoFuture.

Task Group B: Different Places

This is a bit more of an unconventional idea. With this TG we want to provide a home for those Sims who want to explore something different within the Trek Universe. An example which I spoke about with a player recently was a sim of civilians disillusioned with the Federation and striking out on their own and the arc that’d result in them becoming a more extremist opposition to UFP policy in their region which fits in with some Fleet canon we’re developing. I’ll emphasise this next bit.

It’s not a home for different types of Starfleet Sims like TI or CovOps. This will come in another announcement at a later date

So if you wanted to run a Federation Diplomatic Sim in the Romulan Republic which contributes to Fleet Lore, you could. Or a Feregeni merchant sim? Or a bunch of Yridian Information Brokers? The possibilities are endless.

Task Group C – Different Universes

Pretty self-explanatory. This is going to be the home to MU Sims, Kelvin Sims and even Hobus Haters. There’s a few well established universes, but we’d be interested in seeing what you guys come up with.

Sounds great but I’ve got a command already in the Fleet …

Here’s where we make a break from tradition. We’re opening commands up to everyone. Even if you’re an existing Commanding Officer in the fleet, you’ll be able to take a second command in TF29.

Initially this will only be open to existing Fleet players who’ve completed CO academy ahead of a more formal launch at Obsidian Day. We’ll host a Q&A on Discord next weekend to go through the application process, etc. as it’s a bit different and announce it with at least 48 hours notice.

Obsidian Day 2019!

Saturday July 27th will see the return of Obsidian Day! There’ll be a separate announcement this week with times and schedule slots but hold the date

That’s it for now. Enjoy the summer!