Office of Mediation and Arbitration – May 2019

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Welcome to another summer full of excitement and wonder.. and heat. Lots of heat. Fortunately, things aren’t heating up at OMA, and it has been relatively slow. There have been 0 cases heard by the Office in the last quarter, and 0 rulings made.

Please remember that the Office is here to assist with all mediation needs and has resources available for conflict resolution.

Speaking of conflict resolution, what are some key factors involved in this mysterious technique? Communication is the absolute number one factor in any conflict. Without communication, conflict can become something unmanageable and monstrous. But if we communicate, the beast can be slain and amicable solutions can be found. We never know what can be accomplished unless we speak to one another and find out what the issues really are. I encourage everyone to communicate with each other.. how else would we find out there’s a problem, and more importantly, how else would we work out how to fix it?