Obsidian Fleet Academy – May 2019

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So here we are as the summer looms over us here in New York. Summer in New York now that is quite the scene and smell, however, I digress. As the year rolls on so does time here at the Academy. The restructure forges on. I know you have better things to do then listen to me be a windbag. So without any gilding the lily and no further ado here we go.


I am proud and happy to see people taking advantage of both our Command Academy and Cadet Academy as they are live on IFS. We have had a number of students take both courses and it is a great way to pick up some new pointers or to refresh things that you already knew.

For our current Commanding Officers please keep in mind that the Command Academy can be taken in parts. That means if you want to refresh only on one part you are welcome to do so. Simply let your Tutor know that is what you would like to do.

The Executive Officer Academy is progressing nicely through the approval process. It is our goal to have it live and ready for enrollment by Obsidian Day 2019. The fleet does not require someone to take the XO Course in order to be an Executive Officer. However, it is greatly encouraged and your Commanding Officer may require it.

Once the Executive Officer course is live we will begin work on the Specialist Courses. These courses will focus on the various departments that make up a starship. We hope to have these courses go live in groups of three and the first group will be Security/Tactical, Marines, and Intelligence. It is our hope to have these courses to you by the end of the year.

If you have any questions or ideas pertaining to the current courses or future courses please email the Academy Director at [email protected]


We would like to congratulate Natan O’Donnaghue the newly minted Commanding Officer of the USS Valiant in Task Group 47C on their completion of Command Academy. We look forward to all the great things from you and the crew of the Valiant.

That’s All She Wrote Folks!

To close this report out I leave you with a paraphrase of a quotation by Commander Saru of the USS Discovery. We Are Obsidian Fleet

Steady As She Goes

Travani Dal
Academy Director
Obsidian Fleet