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Captain’s Personal Log Stardate 73455.16

I can’t believe it. I honestly can’t believe it. I’ve just received news that they are decommissioning the USS Endeavour. After all it’s been through, they pulled the plug.

I know it’s been a long time since I captained it, but I still don’t understand why they would do it now. She wasn’t that old, or that damaged. At least the information I managed to receive didn’t mention anything about serious damage.

And if that wasn’t weird enough on its own, they also decommissioned the USS Portland weeks ago. Sure, that ship was old, very old. And probably the only flying Miranda class vessel around. I guess its just weird to see those two ships being decommissioned almost at the same time.

Back in the center chair of the Endeavour we worked together quite a lot with Captain Meru and her crew. They even saved my life with the Borg incident. Although I must agree she did get into a lot of problems. I’ve heard stories that can hardly be true. Building a hologram to uhm… assist a Vulcan crewmember during Pon Farr. Letting a teenager represent Starfleet during tense negotiations with a Bajoran tribe still dealing with D’Jarra’s. Stealing a Breen ship to rescue the XO. Meru propelling herself out in a torpedo to kill some space pirate…

I guess it wasn’t really a surprise they took her ship away from her. I wonder where she is now. I’m feeling sorry for the person who is going to be her new boss.

But I think the Endeavour’s decommissioning is making the least sense. Sure, she had 3 captains in 5 years, but Captains Byrne and Farragut looked to me like capable commanding officers. Men that knew what they were doing, even if it might not look so at first.

I remember reading an unofficial report of how Captain Byrne was transferred to a different ship because of the way he defended a crewmember of the Endeavour. And there is, off course, the awful discoveries the Endeavour did under Captain Farragut at Terok Kal.

I guess Starfleet has its reasons to decommission these two vessels. I truly believe it’s a shame they are as I would have loved to continue reading reports of these ships. It’s the end of an era.