Task Force 47 May 2019 Report

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Okay, we’re almost halfway through the year. Why, why does time have to move so fast?! At this rate, I’ll be 30 before you know it and no one wants that!

Enough pre-amble, here’s the rundown.

Total Sims: 18
Ships with CO’s: 11
Active Ships: 11
Ships with Pending CO’s: 0
Open Commands: 7

So this is a good news bad news kind of part. I will begin with the bad. Unfortunately, the USS Guinevere is no longer with us. I’d like to take this moment to wish Boone and his crew well with all their endeavours. However, as I say, there is good news. Specifically, the Valiant flies again! Congratulations to her new CO and crew! This is something that pleases me greatly to announce and I hope to see more sims popping up in our Task Force and Fleet as a whole.

On that note, let me get to the bit you come here for.

The currently open Command are as follows;

USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS Centaurus (Galaxy Class)
USS Schrodinger (Merian Class)
USS Harbinger (Luna Class)
USS August (Nova Class)
USS Hercules (Prometheus Class)
USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)

Now, as ever, if any prospective CO’s wish to look into taking Command, please, feel free to shoot me a line regarding the positions. If you don’t see a ship you like, or have a great idea for a TF47 sim within OF, over in our nice playground by the Romulans and Klingons, still shoot me a line, I’d love to chat with you about your ideas and see if we can help realise them.

Unfortunately, I have no award nominations this month. Remember to keep up the great writing and you never know, you may find your sim up for UoM next month! A fine beard helps too!

And with that I bid you adieu, and wish you all well for the coming month. May the beard be with you!