Task Force 72 Monthly Report – May 2019

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I am sure the rumor mills are flying and some might already know, so this might not be new to everyone.  But, Ryon (TGCO of 72-C) has tendered his resignation from the center chair and his duties as a Task Group CO. In recognition of his time here with 72’s Command Staff, I asked him to say a few words in this month’s report.


“I have served as the TGCO of 72-C for over a year, and it has been the greatest experience of my simming career.  I have been able to meet and become friends with a group of people who I never would have met outside of my duties as a TGCO.  I will always be thankful to them for the advice, free therapy sessions, and brainstorming sessions. We survived and it was incredible.


The crew of the Yorktown/Rhea need to be thanked above all else.  I knew a few of you from before I took the reigns and got to know the rest after you decided to give my little sim a chance.  All of you made it an incredible place to tell a story. We went through some incredible times, the mission where the Yorktown crew was mostly rescued by the new Rhea was incredible.  We also went through some hard times with the passing of our Chief Engineer only months after we opened. We made it through all of it together and I will be forever thankful for the stories and the time you all took to be part of my sim.


Finally, I would like to introduce you to your new TGCO, Captain Kate Banninga.  I have known her since I first started simming on the Portland years ago. She has always been one of the most creative people I know, which can be seen in the way that she operates Langley Station.  I can step down easy knowing that 72-C is safely in her hands. Because I will still be around as a player on various sims, I look forward to seeing where she can take the Task Group. As always, Team 72 will always be the best.”

~ Commodore  Adamya Ryon (retired)




Total Simms: 16

Ships with CO’s: 11

Ships with Pending CO’s: 0

Open Commands: 5


There were a few ups this month, and a few downs but overall, but overall this month we held on steady.  I am still working with the TGCO on recruitments ideas and ways to help strengthen our base. We have refreshed our open commands, listed below:


Task Group 72A – USS Tesla

Task Group 72B – Triton Seabase, USS Athena

Task Group 72C – USS Eagle, USS Polaris


If you are interested in one of these commands or have an idea about a possible new command please send me a message in discord (Jakers#5080), I would love to hear from you.




This month there is no Unit of Merit award.  However, I feel it is important to recognize everyone who has played a part in this terrific group of people.  From the Task Group Commanding Officers and their games to the games under their command; each of you is a vital part of this fleet and we all appreciate your hard work.




As always I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication; especially Ryon.  While his presence will certainly be missed in our scheming sessions, I mean group development projects, I know that Kate will be able to carry on his work.   Bigger and better things in store for the future. Remember, we are still looking for a few volunteers to assist with the Task Force Wargames. If you are interested, grab your TGCO let them know.


Anyways, it’s a bit short and sweet this month; not too much to really pass along, this time.  And now with that, it looks like it’s Jakers 2, Lancaster 0…


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