Commodore Stripped of Command and Ship

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FNN Breaking News – The fallout continues for the former Commodore Adamya Ryon today as he was rather unceremoniously stripped of his command and rank today.  It was the latest development in what this reporter has described as a severe dereliction of duty. The former Commodore, and commanding officer of the USS Rhea, is accused of allowing a known Cardassian arms dealer to enter Federation space.

Known simply as Romac, this particular arms dealer was linked to weapons that were picked up in a Federation raid into a known pirate organization.  This organization had been responsible for interdiction of relief efforts into Cardassian space.

The Federation Ministry of Justice would not allow comments from former Commodore Adamya.  However, this reporter was able to get a brief response from Task Force 72’s spokesperson, Commander Courtney Hammerstein.  Stressing that the situation could have been much worse, Hammerstein stated, “It is with great regret that I must announce that Adamya Ryon has been stripped of his duties as Task Group Commanding Officer of 72-C as well as his command aboard the Rhea.  His lack of judgement and carelessness posed a clear and present danger to countless Federation citizens. This type of gross negligence simply will not be tolerated by the fleet.”

Rear Admiral Harrington, who was recently cleared of charges in a recent investigation, had a few words to say on the matter.  “Commodore Adamya’s demotion serves as a reminder for all Officers, we have to hold ourselves above the line, and when we cant, expect swift consequences.”  Continuing, the Admiral added, “That type of gross incompetence can not be tolerated in a Command level position.”

Rumor has it that the former commanding officer has accepted a lesser role aboard a ship in Task Force 72.  Those reports have not been able to be verified by this reporter. Because this is a breaking story, this article will be updated as more news becomes available.

Evan Christopher reporting, FNN