Fleet Survey Feedback 2019 Part 1

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Good day everyone

As you all know we did a survey back in February, it’s taken a little bit of time to get together the results and to be able to put them in some type of order to present to you all the things that came out of it.

First off the biggest thing that came out of it is some people don’t know who members of the fleet council are which concerned us so this first post is going to be telling you who we are and where you can find out what we do for this community.

If you need any more information about each department you can click on the links next to the person or click here for more information about the Fleet Council overall.

Joint Fleet Command (formerly JFC)

  • Sharr, Joint Fleet Command
  • du Lac, Joint Fleet Command
  • Sepandiyar, Joint Fleet Command

Fleet Operations

Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster, Task Force 47 Commanding Officer

  • Captain John Barstow, Task Group 47A Commanding Officer
  • Vacant, Task Group 47B Commanding Officer
  • Captain Tyler Malbrooke,  Task Group 47C Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Cornelius Harrington, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer

  • Commodore Yoshi Minawara, Task Group 72A Commanding Officer
  • Captain Ledeya Ehestri, Task Group 72B Commanding Officer
  • TBC, Task Force 72C Commanding Officer

Task Group Commanding Officers are NOT a part of the Fleet Council but are very much vital to the running of the Task Forces and our community.

Fleet Support

Travani Dal, Director of the Fleet Academy

Vacate, Director of Fleet Services

Gravis, Director of Mediation & Arbitration

Goldun, Director of Fleet Communications

Markstrom, Director of Lore & Technology

Keep an eye out for more feedback and information that will be coming out over next weeks.