Citizens mourn victims of Starbase 122 bombing

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Federation News Network – Special Report

“Residents of Starbase 122 gather to pay tribute this evening, one month after a bomb went off in the station’s residential section. FNN reporter Jennifer Dellum has more on the story.”

Scene changes to a news anchor, standing in a seemingly random corridor, with many people gathering around, holding candles, pictures, and other trinkets.

“I’m Jennifer Dellum, live on location at Starbase 122. As you can see behind me, residents gather to mourn their loved ones nearly a month after the explosion that left 346 people dead, and hundreds more injured, or without homes.

The explosion, which went off in the station’s residential section in the early hours, destroyed nearly a quarter of the residential section, forcing many residents to evacuate their homes, while station authorities began their investigation into the incident. While early estimates had the death toll at just over 100, it has now been confirmed that 346 people were killed, when an explosive device destroyed one of the structures that provided support for the upper decks of residential section C.

A recent visit by the USS Sarek marks the one month anniversary as they dropped off passengers, and workers, coming to take part in services, or to provide help with relief efforts.

Starfleet engineers were able to identify the explosive device found at the scene, but security personnel still do not have leads on any suspects at this time. Station authorities are asking for residents to come forward. If you, or someone you know has any information that would lead to the arrest of those responsible, you are urged to contact Starfleet authorities as soon as possible. All reports will be treated as confidential.

I’m also told that funeral services will be held this weekend, on the station’s promenade. Many of the station’s vendors will be providing food, and services free of charge to help honor those lost in this horrible explosion.

This is Jennifer Dellum signing off. Back to you, John!”