Bombing on Starbase 308

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“News just coming in that there has been an explosion on Starbase 308. The Starbase was hosting several dignities for a celebration of it being 20 years since the reunification of the Ba’Ku and So’Na races. It was also serving as a bon voyage party to the three new Starfleet exploratory ships being sent out further into the uncharted quadrant.

The press office reports that security, medical and engineering teams were all dispatched and that there were actually multiple devices. One which has exploded causing many casualties and one that has been successfully defused. We are going live to the Starbase to our correspondent Felicity Robbins.

“Felicity do we have any more information or any idea who is behind the bombings?”

“I have been informed that the Engineering Chief of the newly commissioned USS Andromeda managed to defuse one of the devices and they have now evacuated everyone.

The Nausican ambassador reports that the ships commanding officer got pretty beaten up in a tussle with what looked like a So’Na. One that has not been around any regenerating metaphasic radiation for what looked a long time.

We do not know yet who is claiming responsibility for the attack but there did seem to be an altercation take place between Starfleet and possibly a number of So’Na moments before the explosion.

Also ….” The pretty blond news correspondent said, “Something odd seems to be happening. We are now being told of multiple sightings of …. There’s one here …..”

The camera panned round onto the wall of the corridor they were filming in on the Promenade. Some graffiti of what looked like a Serpent of some sort was becoming more and more visual.

“We might be witnessing their calling card.

For FFN, this is Felicity Robbins. More updates as we learn more.”