Frontier Diplomacy

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Starbase 621, Tzenkethi Frontier – At the gates of the Federation, a meeting of unprecedented levels has presented itself.  The Federation Diplomatic Corps has arranged a meeting with representatives of the Cardassian Union, the Tzenkthi Alliance, and the Romulan Empire.  High level meetings on such a scale have not taken place among these powers since the end of the Dominion War.

On the Docket for discussion are scientific research agreements, trade, and even the possibility of the other quadrant powers becoming co-signers of the Khitomer Accords.  Discussions are not expected to reach that level, but sources in the Diplomatic Corps are hopeful. Starbase 621, popularly known as Heimdall Station, was chosen as the site for the diplomatic summit because of its proximity to the other powers as well as its historical position in quadrant politics.

The station’s history lists it as an information storehouse, it served as the site of several war crimes trials which would have included Gul Dukat’s trial, and it’s main mission was to stand as guardian for Mizar Colony, Trill, and the entry to the core Federation worlds from Tzenkethi and Breen controlled territory.

Commander Jared Rosado, recently back from Task Force 72’s successful War Games and the station’s First Officer, was asked about the summit.  “I think this is a tremendous opportunity to close the door on a century of warfare and struggle, all involved would benefit from a closer relationship,” the Commander stated to our reporter on the scene.

Opening Ceremonies are set to begin on stardate 71771.2 with a welcoming dinner and opening ceremony.  FNN will keep you up to date with live coverage of the diplomatic summit as the eye of the Quadrant falls upon Starbase 621.