Sim Spotlight USS Mercutio

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We haven’t had a sim spotlight for a little bit but the Command Team of the USS Mercutio reached out and wanted to tell us a little bit about the ship, the plans for the future and the heritage that they joined the fleet with 3 years ago from a very different format.

You can find the simm here.

The USS Mercutio is an Akira-Class starship and has been the heart of our game since late 1999.  The sim started as a part of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance and was heavily active in the fleet’s heyday.  We began as a collection of Star Trek enthusiasts which quickly became a long-standing family. In its history, the Merc has seen several missions from exploration to wartime and from intelligence to diplomacy. 

The Mercutio has just about seen it all, including recurring visits from a, particularly annoying Q.  In 2014 we lost our long-standing Captain, Stacey Templar, to an unexpected death in real life.  The main shuttle of the ship, The Ressurection, has been named in memory of her. Since then, we’ve kept the ship active with a close-knit crew that has made the transition from live sim to Nova format.  Our CO has been with the sim since 2002 and the XO a year prior. As exciting as the action can be our sim also relies heavily on the interpersonal relationships which form between the characters. This has not only enhanced our in-character play but forged long-time friendships.

As we approach the end of our second decade of gameplay and prepare to enter the third with Obsidian Fleet, we invite you to join the family and explore the unknown.