Task Force 29 Report – August ’19

Written Bydulac
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Well, this month flew by and didn’t even wave as it went. Good riddance I say then! We’ve been a little quiet in the forefront but will be announcing a few things in the next report – all going well. (Famous last words, I think).


There was little to update on this month. We will be looking at names for each of the Task Groups to give them a more unique feel and identity, which will be based on what they are and the purpose they serve.

Operational Report

Our current simulations are doing well, the addition of the NX-05 Atlantis is a welcome sight to our team and we look forward to seeing what they offer.

I am also looking at unique ways that I can recognise the skills and dedication of our members, these will act differently to standard awards and recognition due to the nature of the Task Force and we’ll be discussing more of this in the future.

Short Term Objectives

I want to see TF29 added to IFS’ list of Task Forces to allow full and correct reporting. This has been flagged and we will get to it once the overall site has had a bit of a clean-up.

Name suggestions for the Task Groups are welcome, please submit them to [email protected] with the subject “Task Group Naming” so it doesn’t get lost.

An apology for the very late report, issues outside of my control have pushed this back further than I would like.