Lore and Tech – September 2019

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So, another month down, a little closer to Christmas and the end of the year.

Which means absolutely nothing to me, except the amount of money I’ll likely be spending for Christmas gifts…

Anywhooo, September has been a month of speaking with your glorious Task Force Commanding Officers for 47 and 72. We’re working on getting a overall plot idea for each task force that sims can work within or around that will be working with the fleet canon to further it. Each TFCO has an idea of what they want to focus in on and we’re running with that, passion leads to better stories after all!

On the tech side, working with a CO on some specs but not much else there. I want to start introducing some Marine technology for people to play with soon and the Fighter review is looking good. We have numbers and what ship has what and we’ll be adjusting based on size and use soon, but I will work with any sim that is actively using them and wants to keep them if their adjusted size is different.

Send me any ideas or questions! [email protected]

Soo… Bye.