National Poetry Day

Written Bydulac
Published On

Last Thursday Cam, our newest member of the community team challenged the fleet to create a poem around our characters. The crews of USS Vesta, USS Athena, USS Nightingale, SS Mary Rose and NX05 Atlantis rose to the challenge.

There once was a lass who liked communications.
She said, “See the alterations!”
It was rather modern, But not quite postmodern
She couldn’t resist the reparations.

There once was an Engineer called Selina
Who should have been on the USS Athena
She was stuck on Mary Rose
which was alway broke
With all the civilian Folk

Rufus is a helmsman
Or helmshound to be precise.
He may look like a werewolf
But he’s really very nice.

Reuben is a poet
But he really doesn’t know it
He likes to think himself a villain
But he is only a civilian

There was a nice guy called Jake,
Next to the previous CAO’s girlfriend he did wake.
Once he ended up on a ceiling,
Now he’s not entirely sure what he’s feeling,
But a decision about Eden he needs to make

There was once a Captain named Tan
Who posts they had to ban
He made such a mess on the deck
All the Ladies had to wretch
So now he commands a wreak

There was once an Admiral called Neil
Whose HR complaints record they had to seal.
He thought he was Jim Kirk
And the ladies would only smirk
Yet nobody thought how it made him feel…