Task Force 47 Report – September 2019

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So, it’s September’s report. Let’s have some fun. It’s the Gordan Ramsay style report.

*Five minutes of bleeped speaking*

…Apparently that had too much swearing. *Bleeped sentence*

Okay, let’s try again. The current state of the Task Force is as follows;

•Total Ships in Task Force: 16
•Ships with CO’s: 7
•Open Commands: 8
•Ships on Hold for Prospective CO’s: 1

Predominantly, it’s been a quiet month for us here in 47. There are only two new pieces of news, one of which has already been shared separately. Specifically that Commodore Yoshi Minawara has transferred over to help the TF Command Staff by running 47-B. Welcome once again to him.

The other piece of news is that Captain John Barstow of the USS Merlin and TGCO of 47-A has stepped down due to Real Life issues. We wish him the best moving forward and hope to see him again.

On that note, I’ll get to the Open Commands. Note, Merlin is currently not being classed as open due to discussions in place with a potential CO replacement.

The remaining open commands are:

•USS Arcadia (Elysium Class, 47-A)
•USS Harbinger (Luna Class, 47-A)
•USS Livingstone (Nebula Class, 47-A)
•USS August (Nova Class, 47-B)
•USS Hercules (Prometheus Class, 47-B)
•USS Centaurus (Galaxy Class, 47-C)
•USS Cross (Insignia Class, 47-C)
•USS Schrodinger (Merian Class, 47-C)

As ever, if you have any questions, hit me up on Discord (@BenjiMan#5762) or via e-mail. A reminder than upon graduating the academy to shakedown, the ships are docked at Starbase Sirius, where they can benefit from the TF Command staff present on the station at that time.

I’d also like to remind you all that any Task Force 47 CO can dock here at any given time (subject to rules posted on the site) in the interest of further developing community and camaraderie within the Task Force. This may well be expanded to visiting Task Force 72 CO’s who happen to be passing in the future.

Now, it’s time for the UoM nomination. It’s an interesting one this month, as I received a nomination from a TGCO that was not the TGCO of the ship in question. However, the nomination was found to be a good and valid one. Therefore, the winner of the UoM from TF47 for the month of September is;

USS Archimedes – “While this sim is not in my Task Group I feel the need to put them forward for a nomination. The Arch always has interesting stories, however, their current plot hearkens back to a plot used in The Original Series. The writers on the sim have taken the idea and put their own spin on it making the story original and fresh. I also would like to point out that this story is the kind where the crew is effected by an outside source, which makes them act out of character. The CO of this sim allowed her crew to choose to be effected or not. Furthermore, the people who were unaffected were allowed to write the ending and save the day as it were. Kudos should be given to the CO for allowing members of her crew to write the story in that manner. It is something that I think is rarely seen in the sim world. The Arch’s crew continuously produces a quality story that is fun to read.” (Tyler Malbrooke, TGCO, TG47-C)

Congratulations to the crew of the Archimedes! Keep it up!

And that brings us to a close here! We did it! And I only had three times the length of this article cut for excessive swearing! And I also learned how to fly like Superman and breath under water! What I did not manage, however, was to grow a magnificent beard like Jonathan Frakes’ beard. Seriously, that beard gets better with age…

May the beards be forever in your favour!