Langley Station – Not so far from home

Written Bydulac
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When I first got assigned by the news network, to bring stories from Langley Station, I was far from pleased. Langley Station is a backwater station on the far edges of Federation space. It boasts no remarkable attractions, and honestly all I expected to report on was the seedy criminal underbelly that the federation so often attempts to hide. But so far I have not once been accosted by any such villainous activity.

In fact what I can report on is a station hanging steadily over the planet Lyshan. A planet rumoured to have been almost completely ruined during the Dominion war, where colonists supposedly struggle by, out of sight and mind of those of us that live on paradise worlds such as Earth.

The station itself is a marvel. Having recently been reclaimed by the federation, less than a year ago, it is hard to tell that this station has been in anything other than constant use since it’s construction many years ago. The only tell tale sign that the station had ever been abandoned, is that there are still a large number of empty units in the stations commercial center, lovingly named ‘the strip’.

The smooth running of Langley can be credited to the hard work, and dedication of Captain Kate Banninga, and her crew, and once again I find myself writing the praises of those men and women who serve us so well. If it were not for Star Fleet, we as citizens of the Federation would not have the same liberties and freedoms we have come to take for granted. We would not have safe havens such as Langley Station, that any citizen can take refuge within. These men and women that serve us, must be given the credit they deserve.

Janine Hainsley