Resort World Closed Amid Piracy Claims

Written Bydulac
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Federation officials have begun an investigation after it was revealed that the popular resort world of Aquilon has secretly been operating as a front for Orion Pirate activities.

Guests at the resort reported sighting Starfleet officers engaged in an intense firefight across the site, with numerous unnamed Orions having been caught and arrested. The resort administrator, possibly an accomplice to these acts, has also been taken into custody pending charges of kidnapping and aiding a foreign power.

While the USS Athena has also been stated as having been present to maintain order, recently appointed CO Commander Jacob Kane has refused to make any statements regarding the ongoing investigation. It has been widely suggested that Starfleet intends to distance itself from reports that elements of the Breen Heirarchy may have been sponsoring the group responsible for these acts.

More on this investigation will follow as events become clear.