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Hello all,

Yes indeed your mind is not deceiving you, I, Henry Markstrom your director of Lore and Technology is posting.

I would like to point our illustrious Captains to take a look at the updated Specifications pages in our database. Apart from moving the old specs/deck listings to the new table format for our database, I’ve updated the fighter loadouts on ships using fighters to fit our two new fighters announced a while back, as well as updated some ships/Starbases with the Arrow Runabout.

Additionally, some will note that Tri-Cobalts have been removed from a number of classes. This was done to a more common-sense approach compared to what it was before. For example… the Stardock used to have 1000 Tri-Cobalts for all your planet you’re orbiting and can never leave, leveling needs! Now it has 0.

Essentially any ship smaller then a Heavy Cruiser has had its tri-cobalts removed, and those still with them have had them reduced to more realistic levels.

Finally… a finalized list for older ships that are able to be retro-fitted with our new fancy Quantum Slipstream Drive is as follows:
Sovereign Class
Intrepid Class
Prometheus Class
Luna Class
Odyssey Class

Now there is some basic reasoning to this. Essentially the ship had to be of a newer design, with a narrow saucer section and a more streamlined design akin to the Merian and Vesta. While these ships will be able to achieve Quantum Slipstream, they will not, however, be as fast as say the Vesta or Merian which are purpose-built to use the technology.

If you have any questions, shoot me a message on Discord or email [email protected]