Message From The Fleet Council

Written Bydulac
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Well, what a week it’s been…

While the world takes a moment to think on the bizarre times that we find ourselves in, we want to reassure you that we are here and doing all that we can to support our amazing community even whilst some of us might find ourselves busier than normal in our real life. We just asked for a little patience and love if we do not respond to messages as quickly as usual.

We are in the process of putting together some activities, achievements, discussions and most of all a place where everyone even if you have never joined in before can come and just be with people even if it not physically. We are trying to keep spirits up and entertain members of our community who might be alone or have less social contact at this time.

We know a lot of you are health care providers, teachers, civil servants, police, firefighters, ambulance personnel along with the many other key workers providing support to us all. We just want to thank you and say we know you will be quieter than normal. But rest assured that we look forward to when you can be back among us fully.

Please stay safe and be kind to yourself and others.

With our very best wishes

DuLac, Sharr, Sepandiyar, Jakers, Becca, Bagheera, Lancaster, Markstrom and Travani Dal