Communication Report February 2020

Written Bydulac
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This month has been busy as usual with your community team. We’ve been getting awards on IFS2 (You can’t see them but I promise they are there for ships that won anything in 2019), Unit of Merit and year-end award images, brand new book club concept that is being brought together on our discord server to name just a few things that have been completed or are ongoing.


As we all know it takes a community to make things work which is why we need you. If you spoke on the survey last month about getting involved in Comms please reach out and contact me I want to hear from you. This is a really good opportunity to get known by our community and gain experience for future roles in the fleet.

There will be a separate news item going around with all the volunteering positions across the fleet later in the week.

Social Media

If you didn’t already know we also have the following social media that we manage. Every follow, click and like counts towards getting us out there to potential players. Some Commanding Officers have done some awesome work in linking stuff to our Facebook site.

Like on Facebook
Follow on Twitter
Join us on Discord

Writing Competition

It has been discussed a lot recently on our discord channel and a few survey entries already have suggested that people want to be able to show off their writing to more than just the other players on their ships. We now have a specific page for our brand new monthly writing competition.

We know some ships are slower than others so we are always going to have three months themes showing so you can prepare and weave it into your stories.

March – Action
April – Beginnings
May – Hope

Final Thoughts…

This month has been busier and busier as the month went on in some areas of life. The world is going crazy at the moment and we want Obsidian Fleet to ba a refuge for everyone.

Be kind to each other and PLEASE be kind to yourselves. If you need anything to support yourself and your ships please reach out. We want to help.