Obsidian Fleet Academy Report February 2020

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Winter is giving way to Spring here in the northeastern part of the US. The air is crisp again and things are turning green. It is a fine time to be alive. I even have turned the heat off in my apartment, the season is definitely in full swing. This year is off to a great start at the Academy as the restructure continues. I know you have better things to do then listen to me be a windbag. So without any gilding the lily and no further ado here we go.


I am proud and happy to see people taking advantage of both our Command Academy, Cadet Academy, and XO Academy as they are live on IFS. We have had a number of students take all three courses and it is a great way to pick up some new pointers or to refresh things that you already knew.

For our current Commanding Officers I would like to reiterate that the Command Academy can be taken in parts. That means if you want to refresh only on one part you are welcome to do so. Simply let your Tutor know that is what you would like to do. One can brush up their skills in lieu of taking the whole course. The same can be said for the Cadet Academy and the XO Academy.

For our current Executive Officers I encourage you to take the XO course as it can offer good hints about how to the job and new ideas to help keep your sim fresh and new for the writers.

I am proud to announce that the Academy curriculum expands again. The first of the Specialist Courses is live on IFS and ready for enrollment. This course is titled Robur Honorque – Welcome to the Starfleet Marine Corps and acts as an a basis of knowledge for the gang in green. If you have ever wanted to write a Marine or if you are a CO with Marine writers wondering what would be a good story for them this is the course for you.

Next up in the Specialist Course rollout will be Starfleet Medical & Starfleet Counseling. Expect to see these two courses in the coming months. The Academy is looking for people who would like to assist in the course designing. We are currently seeking course designers for the following courses Engineering, Diplomat, Science, Operations, and Strategic Operations. If you are interested please email at [email protected]

Also, feel free to email the Academy with any and all of your suggestions for courses or course improvements.


I would like to congratulate Commander Herschel Maines-Dowd the Commanding Officer of the USS Harbinger in Task Group 47C upon their completion of Command Academy. The Harbinger is shaping up to be a great ship and we look forward to seeing what you and your crew can do.

Hearty congratulations offered to Commander Melody Jones the Commanding Officer of the USS Merlin in Task Group 47B upon their completion of Command Academy. Jones takes the center chair in replacement of Captain Barstow. We know that the Captain cannot be replaced however, we cannot wait to see you and your crew continue the great tradition of the Merlin.

That’s All She Wrote Folks!

To close this report out I leave you with the following: May the great gray bearded pizza man of the galaxy watch over us all.

For Now,
Steady As She Goes

Travani Dal
Academy Director
Obsidian Fleet