We Need Volunteers

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As we all know it takes a community to make things work which is why we need you. This is a really good opportunity to get known by our community and gain experience for future roles in the fleet.

Specialist Course Designers

We all know about the adventures that Commander Worf experienced while serving aboard Deep Space Nine. However, not many of us know what his position on the crew was. Worf was the Chief Strategic Operations Officer. That’s great but what the HECK does he do. What exactly was Data’s or Harry Kim’s jobs.

If you can answer those questions then the Academy is looking for your help. We are seeking Course Designers to assist in the creation of the following Specialist Courses: Engineering, Diplomatic Officer, Science, Operations, and Strategic Operations.

Please contact the Obsidian Fleet Academy Director at [email protected]

Nova Specialist

Do you have a passion for tinkering with Nova? Can you problem solve on the go? Do you know your PHP, CSS, and HTML? We are looking for someone who has a wealth of knowledge to help support commanding officers with Nova by Anodyne Productions. This position does require to be active in discord and forum.

Graphic Designer

We need someone with a great understanding of affinity or photoshop to join the growing community team. This person must patience to help to create images such as game banners, fleet logos, awards, and other official images.

We have plenty of other needs and wants from people to run competitions, judges for writing competitions, live simming, D&D event. If you have an idea of something you would like to share with the fleet or interested in the above position please feel free to reach out to comms on discord or email [email protected]

Database Contributor

We are looking for people dedicated to adding content that our ships create to our database. There is a huge variety of data that can be added, such as a ship specs, unique alien species and technology along with many other pieces of information. You do not need experience in coding just a passion to write content for the whole fleet to enjoy.

If you have any questions please contact on Discord or email [email protected]