Quiz Night – 18th April

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Good Afternoon Everyone

Continuing our quest to do things from the 2020 survey that people have requested either we start or do more of we have created a little task group to discuss things from the survey and action. Members are COs and crewmembers from the fleet who are open to new ideas and wanting to engage the whole fleet. One of the things that came out of it in less than 12 hours was that we wanted to create a fortnightly quiz.

So we are excited to announce that our first quiz will be held 8pm 18th April on our discord server.

I would also like to introduce you to Obsidian Fleets brand new quizmaster – Melody Jones. He is the Commanding Officer of the USS Merlin. He is the perfect person for this role as from rumours I have heard he has been holding quizzes regularly on other ships where he is a member.

Thank you for stepping up to take on this role.

The quiz will be a general star trek theme to start us off. It will be individual participation but if we eventually do get more participates, we are going to be having teams. There will be a leader board and friendly competition but we are just wanting to have a little bit of fun when times are a little strange at the moment.

We look forward to seeing you there.