Federation Ambassador Attacked – Negotiations in Jeopardy

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Reports are just coming in of a reported attack on the SS Glory, a consular ship ferrying noted Federation Ambassador Lady Donatella Regina Hortensia, to a scheduled engagement on the remote world of Paratus IV. While the vessel itself appears to have survived, it has suffered critical damage and the Ambassador herself is in critical condition.

Lady Hortensia, an Elasian native with a long history of unparalleled Federation diplomatic service, was en route to complete final negotiations with Queen Sarissa of Paratus for the accession of this prospective new member world. Despite the loss of their chief diplomat, the Federation team is reportedly pressing ahead with the delicate accession talks.

As-yet unconfirmed is the nature of the attack on the Ambassador’s ship, however Starfleet has assured us that the USS Athena is on-site and providing assistance and further protection for the delegation. Rumours persist that dissident factions in the Paratan royal family may have been responsible for this heinous and unprovoked attack on a highly regarded Federation representative in order to destabilise the ongoing negotiations, however no official word has yet reached us on this matter. Athena commanding officer Commander Kane, while not recognised in many circles as an experienced diplomat, has been publically backed by Starfleet Command to deliver swift justice to the attackers and to ensure that the Paratan accession continues as planned.

More on this story as it develops.