Obsidian Fleet, Star Trek Picard and You

Written Bydulac
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Ahh well hello. Its that time again, I’ve appeared out of thin air and now I’m here to talk to you about Obsidian Fleet’s Lore project.

I can tell you we’re still on progressing to a final and fully revealed for Obsidian Day of this year (end of July, don’t miss it!). Of course, however, I was planning on announcing a few things before then but of course, we’ve now had Picard.

Picard was great in my opinion bar a few things but that’s all opinion on my part. How it will affect us is a bit different.

In regards to the Obsidian Fleet lore project, it’s changed little actually. We will be following the lore given to us by Picard and in the future when more seasons are aired, we’ll adapt to that. All of the plans we had before are still on (actually some of it was going to be posted, then Picard aired and we went… huh maybe we should wait), we’re taking bits of all the lore and Canon of Star Trek and adapting them into our project to give the fleet, our captains and of course you, the writers, the most options for fun and exciting storytelling as we can.

So for now, I won’t get into more specifics, but feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) or a message on Discord (I’m Herr Von Markstrom on OF’s server in the fancy gold colouring) if you have a specific question, comment or suggestion.

Peace out from me, once again.