Task Force 72 Monthly Report – April 2020

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Not much to report this time around, to be honest. I’d love to give you a page or more of details, but April was just your typical month and we’re all still stuck in quarantine-land over here. So rather than drag this on and have you read of a bunch of fluff, let’s just get to the report…

Task Force Update

We still have a large Task Force Joint Post happening over Google Docs, and I hear that many have taken things to Joints Posts on their separate games. I am enjoying seeing the interaction between the Commanding Officers. April was an odd month in that we had several games with high posting numbers, and we had several with very low posting numbers. To those Commanding Officers that are struggling, please reach out to your Task Group CO, please reach out to the Communications Director, or please reach out to me. There are several resources available, and we are all here to help you. The key is to communicate, communicate, .. communicate.

Task Force Stats
Total Simms: 16
Ships with CO’s: 11
Ships with Pending CO’s: 0
Open Commands: 5

Open Commands for the Task Force are:
Starbase 80 (Celestial Class)
USS Juno (Vesta Class)
USS Polaris (Galaxy Class)
USS Rook (Luna Class)
USS Tesla (Merian Class)

As always if you are interested in an open command, or have an idea for a new command feel free to contact myself (Jakers#5080) or any of the Command Staff from Task Force 72.  I’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in running a game on the Cardassian side of map!

Unit of Merit Award

“Normally I am the dither or delayer for picking a UoM, as it takes a lot to impress me. Not only does Elysium have numbers that most ships aim for consistently each month, but they also took the approach of go big or go home this month. Their discord is active and the stories are completely engaging but it truly needs to be recognized that they achieved 228 posts in a current world wild situation that has left many people without muses. Congratulation to the crew of Elysium” ~ Skipper Rueben Gregnol

With that being said, it is my honor to give the Unit of Merit Award to Captain Lalor and her crew. The Elysium has always been a solid performer and a staple in this fleet. But 228 posts in one month…. dang!! Next time you see Lalor, or a member of her crew, give them a hearty congrats on their accomplishments.


I want to take a moment to remind everyone that we are running a bit low on news articles. Believe it or not, the news articles are a great way to get some traffic not only to your game but also for the fleet as a whole. We have a fantastic Communications Team who work hard getting our Fleet out there on the big wide web. So let’s give them something to use. I’d like to see a personal goal for all 72 Commanders to put out one news article this next month related to your game!

Other then that, have a great month and don’t forget the writing competitions!!