Commander Lovejoy is not JOY!

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Commander Garrett Lovejoy has brought pain and hurt to the Crew of the USS Elysium, hours before they were to depart on a mission. Commander Lovejoy in his role as attaché to Commodore Evelyn Mountbatten, moved against Captain Lalor’s crew, and removed several key officers, including the majority of the Ships’ flight control department:

Commander Liselle Qwyyn – Now assigned to the USS Hightower
Lieutenant JG River Waters – Now assigned to the USS Carlisle
Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters – Now assigned to Starbase 65
Senior Chief Petty Officer Railli Feyth – Now assigned to Starbase 986

Leaving the Elysium with just two Ensigns in the officer section of that department. One of whom is so fresh from the academy, you can still see the shine on her boots. It is rumoured that the Captain of the Elysium, Captain Phoenix Lalor is raging about the sudden crew changes. And key among the people transferred was the captain’s lover, Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters, and it was said that the news sent the Captain into an hour long rant and throwing things.

When reached for comment, Commander Lovejoy was unavailable. And all communications to the transferred crew have been blocked by Starfleet order.

The Elysium, newly refitted with a QSD has been sent on a mission for the next 5 months, and cannot be reached for comment either, though sources close to Commodore Mountbatten say that the captain was in contact and several irate conversations were had. Commodore Mountbatten is on her way back from her vacation on Vulcan to deal with the Commander and his overstepping of his ‘boundaries’ in the area of Crew deployment.

In other news, the crew of the USS Elysium have celebrated a wedding while their ship was being fitted with the QSD and it is said that there are at least two more on the way, with Commanders Taylor, the Executive Officer and Holmes, the Chief of Security/Tactical engaged to be married and the Chief of Operations, Lt. Commander Norris and the Chief of Engineering, Lieutenant Hoffman, also engaged. With the addition of a Starfleet Chaplin to the ship, it seems that he would be busy, if they had not, as rumoured, already asked Captain Lalor to perform the ceremonies.

With all this going on, it is surprising that the Elysium’s crew ever get anything done.

Lois Lane reporting