Starbase 50 Attacked

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“Starbase 50 is currently closed to all incoming and outgoing traffic.” This was the line Captain Thomas Rice, the station’s Commanding Officer, sounded over official channels shortly after the station went on full lockdown. Rumors suggest that almost the entire station’s population has been rendered unconscious. This Reporter has tried to reach Admiral Harrington’s office; however, all messages appear to be filtering through Captain Rice. With vague reports and almost no contact with anyone inside the station, little is known about what took place. 

Civilian reports suggest that a chemical agent introduced into the environmental system onboard the station might be the cause.  “I don’t know what kind of station the Admiral is running here,” Terrin Faux, owner/operator of The Admiral on Deck Bar and Grille, stated, “but the man needs to be replaced. One minute everyone’s having a good time, then a strange gas from the air vents, and next thing bodies are hitting the floor.  I haven’t seen anything like ever.  If you ask me, there is no way anyone… someone on the inside must be assisting these idiots,” Faux added before station command shut down all outgoing communications.

When pressed for an update, Commander Courtney Hammerstein, spokesperson for Task Force 72, gave the following, “the situation aboard Starbase 50 is being handled and addressed.  Once we know more, the media will be updated on the situation.” Yet again; lousy luck has followed Admiral Harrington. Shortly after the attack, a small craft was recorded heading off for Breen Space. With no official comment at this time, we will have to wait and see what elaborate tale Harrington will spin when this situation expires. 

Donald Mallard reporting, FNN