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Hello everyone

With the survey being discussed with commanding officers at the last Captain’s round table, I wanted to take my areas and answer some of the complaints and questions around them, first of all, Unit of Merits.

This was one of the first areas that I kicked around and changed way back in October 2018 to make it more fleet friendly and open. It was changed from Task Force staff and Fleet Council deciding on a lot of it to allowing the fleet to decide what they believed deserved it by doing quarterly and yearly fleet wide votes.

I have taken some of the comments and answered them to dispel some of the myths around Unit of Merits. If anyone else has any more questions please reach to me on discord.

My only complaint is that the UoM award itself is transparent and not able to be viewed on light backgrounds. I suggest maybe making it a black background instead, so it works with all sites.

This is already available. Commanding Officers just need to ask for me to make them light skin-friendly.

Monthly Spotlight, A sim that may not have earned a UoM but is deserving of recognition through an uptick in activity or an interesting story or feature.”

This has been available since November 2018 with sim and post spotlights. Commanding Officers just need to send me an email or dm and I will make it happen.

“Hard to say. Sometimes the list of nominees feels a bit narrow?”

Unfortunately, that happens sometimes if no nominations happen in some Task Forces. Doesn’t necessarily mean that ships did not have a good month but it could have been no ship stood out. After all, it is not just a participation award as it has been previously, a lot of work goes into deciding nominees.

More awards and increased publicity would be much better, particularly to show good writing/characters”

I’m not entirely sure how many more awards the fleet can cope with as we have year-end awards, monthly writing competition, Obsidian Day awards, Golden Pumpkin competition and the usual sim, task force and fleet-level awards. And they are all published on social media, the main site and I would hope cascaded down to members on our sims.

If anyone has anymore questions or suggestions please reach as I would love to hear from you.