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The Federation colony on Jouret IV has had a troubled existence since its founding. While it flourished, it was always in the shadow of the threat of the Romulans just across the Neutral Zone. And then twenty-five years ago New Providence colony was the site of one of the Federation’s first contacts with the Borg when they arrived in the Alpha Quadrant when the entire colony was literally scooped off the face of the planet.

Ten years ago, a group of plucky young colonists refounded the colony on Jouret IV as Renewed Providence. With the Romulan threat diminished by the collapse of the Star Empire, it looked like the universe was shining once again on the colony.

But today officials in Renewed Providence put out a Federation wide quarantine warning as they have confirmed their first cases of Rigellian Fever have broken out in the colony. Highly virulent and deadly, Rigellian Fever has proven to respond only to treatment with the rare and expensive mineral ryetalyn, whose molecular structure is too fragile to replicate.

Starfleet Medical has assured us that it has tapped into its ryetalyn stockpile and will begin sending shipments to Renewed Providence. The first shipment will arrive with the USS Nightingale, which will be offering its medical services and facilities to aid in the quarantine and treatment of infected individuals until the fever is contained and eradicated.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the colonists of Renewed Providence.