USS Majestic Missing

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The USS Majestic has been reported missing after not checking in as ordered two days ago.  It is unclear at this point when they may have vanished as they were on a diplomatic mission to ferry a princess to Sozon II and were running with as little communications as possible at the request of the Tulias Alliance, the home of Princess Leyana.

Starfleet is investigating their disappearance. The USS Ophelia reported no debris was found at their last known location.  Any ion trails have gone cold due to stellar winds in the area.

Also on board was Minvayer of the planet Bairl, the daughter of Ambassador Vayr who was killed on Majestic over a year ago on his way to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the peace talks that saved his planet. She was observing the right of Valnese by visiting her godfather, Commander Angus Murphy, the Majestic’s second officer and chief engineer.  Minvayer’s mother, Ambassador Haraain, could not be reached for comment at this time. 

Amasa O’Donnell reporting, FNN.