Lore and Tech – May 2020

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Hello all, another month has gone and another report is here.

I dunno, so this month I had two posts of significance, I wont go into much detail but one involved the update of Garrison Vessel listings and the other discussing a bit how Picard will affect the fleet.

They can be found here and here for your reading pleasure.

Other then that, there isn’t much to add to the report on this month for the Lore and Tech side. We’re currently working towards an Obsidian Day release of all the lore and timeline we’ve written up. We’ve gotten a few more volunteers to the program recently who I thank for joining us and we look forward to how you add to the lore group.

Anyways… any questions comments or ideas send me a message. [email protected] or on Discord where my current screen name is Agent Markstrom, Division Cop in the fancy gold.