Task Force 47 Report – May 2020

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So, last Task Force Report in…. Still, as my learned colleague said, slow and steady wins the race. So that’s how I took it.

Plus I was working until an hour and a half before I started working on this report. On the job that actually pays for things I mean.

Like trading cards. So very many trading cards….

In any case, I’m going to start with numbers. Because tradition.

•Total Sims: 16
•Sims with CO’s: 9
•Open Commands: 7

We did see another CO resignation in the last month in the form of the Valiant Commanding Officer. We wish her the best moving forward. We also now welcome a new CO for the Archimedes, Joshua A. Culver, who comes to us with a well of enthusiasm which is absolutely wonderful to see. I can honestly say I’m extremely excited to see what he does with Archimedes!

With that being said, our open commands are as follows:

•USS Arcadia (Odyssey Class)
•USS Centaurus (Galaxy Class)
•USS Cross (Insignia Class)
•USS Hercules (Prometheus Class)
•USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)
•USS Schrodinger (Merian Class)
•USS Valiant (Defiant Class)

If you wish to apply for any of these commands, you can apply through the CO application form on the Obsidian Fleet site, found in the Join OF menu (please make sure you’re logged into the OF site when you do), or if you wish to simply discuss the possibility of taking one of these commands, or that of another class, you can either email me at [email protected] or hit me up on discord, which oftentimes is the faster method.

Now for discussion of the state of what has happened in the last month. As most if not all of you know, this month the traditional Task Force was replaced with a new structure wherein the entire Task Force is overseen directly by the Task Force Commanding Officer with help of the Task Force Executive Officer. Yoshi Minawara, formerly TGCO of 47-B, is now our TFXO. So if you are having any issues with your sims, you can either come to me or if you can’t find me or I’m indisposed, or you just don’t like me very much, you can contact him with your issues and things can be taken from there.

Now for the next bit. Over the last couple of weeks, I undertook audits of the Task Force. Each CO has now been contacted with their results and what needs working on. The following measures were what I was grading on, though I may or may not have done a little more snooping as well while I was performing the audits.

1.Is there a link to the Obsidian Fleet site on the homepage?
2.Is the sim’s age rating clearly displayed on the homepage?
3.Is a privacy policy present on the site? (This one is especially important due to GDPR)
4.Is the privacy policy linked to the homepage?
5.How many posts per players in the last month? (The minimum target average was 1 per player).

Based on the above criteria, I am thrilled to say the following sims scored 100%:

•USS Imperator
•USS Vesta
•SS Fawkes
•USS Pioneer

Well done to everyone who scored 100% and well done to everyone who has enacted the measures presented to them within the e-mails sent out. I’m really pleased with all of you for how well you’ve taken things in your stride, and I look forward to next time I perform an audit, being able to add more of you to the list of 100% scorers!

Now on that note, I’m going to move onto UoM. Yes, I actually have a nomination this month and it is as follows;

“For the month of May, I would like to award the Silver UoM for Task Force 47 to the crew of the USS Pioneer. The sim consistently performs well month in month out, and I feel, that in light of this month’s high quality and quantity of posting in these incredibly difficult times, and their 100% score in their audit, that the Pioneer and her crew are deserving of this award. I look forward to seeing what they put out going forward. Well done all!” (Oliver Lancaster, TFCO, TF47)

So if you could all join me in giving a big hand for Malbrooke and the Pioneer! Well done to you all!

I’d also like to re-iterate that well done to you all. I know how difficult things have been of late, and by and large, everyone has acted admirably. I’ve not had any complaints about anyone, I’ve not had any moans and you’ve just all made me very proud. So thank you.

I would now like to take a moment to congratulate our head of Comms on her promotion to JFC, well earned and hey, we can still keep nattering about Power Rangers! I’d also like to wish Sharr, our recently departed JFC member, luck in his retirement. I know he probably isn’t reading this but it’s a nice sentiment, especially since once upon a time he occupied the same Task Force Office I do now!

Anyway, I shall leave it at that. This is possibly the longest Task Force report I’ve written in a long time, it has certainly ran on longer than I intended but turns out there was actually a lot to say. And with barely any jokes too. And no beard references.

Wait, that counts doesn’t it?

On both accounts?

Aww man!

Oh well, there’s always next month.

I will now wish you all well, I hope you’re all safe and healthy, and may Riker’s beard smile down upon you all.