First, of our spotlights this month is one of our more unusual ships in the fleet – SS Fawkes over in Task Force 47.

About the ship: The Fawkes is a Civilian freighter that’s crewed by those that have longed for the stars, but for some reason weren’t taking to Starfleet life. There’s those that grew up breathing artificial air on freighters, those that tried their hand at Starfleet but had to get out for their own personal reasons, those that are trying to get somewhere, and of course those trying to get away from something. As a writing group we’re focused on character development and relationship building, this means we have a lot of freedom and involvement when it comes to creating plots and storylines. This also comes with a lot of responsibility to keep busy, because, above all else, freighter life is a lot of sitting and waiting around. We do all of this stuff with the Star Trek universe as its beautiful backdrop, colouring in an otherwise bland experience.

Current storyline: We’re always trying to make ends meet on the Fawkes, and because of this we’ve decided to double down on passenger transport. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now there’s a couple of passengers that seem shifty. It’s up to the people on board to make sure that anything that’s happening doesn’t interfere with the day-to-day operations, safety, or general happiness of the ship and crew. There’s a mystery device humming away as the personal cargo of one passenger, someone has been tasked with cat-sitting (and keeping the creature away from our highly allergic Navigator), and the Captain and Quartermaster may or may not have caused a heart attack



Fun times to be had by all!

Future plans: We take everything one step at a time, we have to. There’s no telling where the next contract will come from, or who will embark on a cheap trip to our next destination. We’re currently heading for more calm waters in the core Federation worlds, after a scrap with the Orion Syndicate. Our next stop is Betazed, where some of the crew have personal business to attend (I think someone also mentioned Risa at some point). Who knows, we might even get to see the Mythical Utopia of Earth!