Fleet Council Vote 2020-003: Posting Count

Written Bydulac
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Hello Everyone

The Commanding Officers got a little warning over this announcement but we felt we needed to communicate to everyone as well.

We have had many conversations over the last six months or so on posts, posting standards, stats the list could go on as both Fleet Council and with Commanding Officers. Either we measure by single or author using Nova’s stats functions. There is no unity and half the time we do not know what measure each ship is using as people use different ones.

Going forward the Fleet Council has voted that we will be measuring by words. There are many reasons for moving to this but the biggest one is simple some ships do massive posts of 5000 – 7000 words but they keep it together. It seems unfair as some Commanding Officers have different styles and that work should be recognised as they have spent weeks and weeks crafting something that they only have one post.

So going forward from August 1st 2020 every 500 words will act as a post so if you have a post of say 1500, it would class as three posts. What would not count under this change is signatures at the end of posts and posts used as a timeline.

We want to level the playing field and give everyone the same chance now as was requested in the survey from fleet members. We know going forward with the new version of Nova that we will have this ability at our fingertips but we have no idea how far off that all is or if everyone will be using Nova as we encourage other simming systems.

To make it easier we have created a mod that will count the words for you that all Commanding Officers have access to, to make the little bit of maths easier. It will work out the word count and ratio of posts. It is optional to use the mod if you favour wanting to copy and paste to a word document and do it that way but the numbers now have to be added to ship reports.