Lore and Tech – June 2020

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Hello All,

To be perfectly honest, not much has happened this month that is report worthy. We’re now beginning work on getting the basics on the OF site for the timeline and database for our Obsidian Day release.

No you cant see it now. It’s hidden.

Ill set some expectations now though, these wont be simply copy and pastes from Memory Alpha onto our own database. They’re going to be more directed for the timeline post-Dominion War to build our own timeline up. There will be some culture stuff, some physical description stuff of course, but for the history it will be shorter and directed as well as not super detailed. We don’t want to pin things to exact details so that there is some freedom within the sims.

Anyways as always, if you ahve questions comments or ideas send me a message.

[email protected] or on Discord where my current screen name is Agent Markstrom, Division Cop in the fancy gold.