Joint Fleet Command Report – August 2020

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Apologises for the lateness of this report. This month we have been all very busy in one form or another everywhere. So this catch up is going to be a little shorter than what we have been giving everyone last couple of months. We cannot give you new stuff every month, the fleet would become greedy.

Rules / Regulations

The Fleet Council and JFC have done a complete revision of the Fleet Rules and Regulations which is available to be seen now on site. This has been a long term project in our continuing efforts to move with the times and we’re happy to finally deploy this easy to understand, no-nonsense approach to the Fleet rules and Regulations.

A player handbook will be following in the coming week as the Fleet Council continues to refine this together and get it right first time.

Fleet Council

We do not have much to add to the mix but the rest of the fleet council have been busy on lots of little projects which you can find out about in individual reports.

Lore and Tech
Task Force 72
Task Force 29
Task Force 47

Lastly, as we discussed at the Obsidian Day Event, there are lots of changes coming for the Fleet at large. New ideas, new platforms and new means of playing. As we announced last month Obsidian Command has returned in all its glory. It is a play by Nova Simm where the Joint Fleet Command, Fleet Council and any ship in Obsidian Fleet is welcome to drop by, post with us, build a team and serve on the Starbase or just drop by and see what’s going on. You can find us at

Until next month everyone. Happy Simming!

Admiral’s Sepandiyar, DuLac & Ehrestri.