Unit Of Merits – August 2020

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Task Force 47

You all know I don’t often give these out. In fact, some people probably think I’m kind of mean with awards. I’m not. I just don’t hand them out for every time you eat your soup without spilling it. If I did, I’d have carpal tunnel from writing out so many!

In any case, this month, I have a nomination!

This month I’m awarding the UoM to the USS Merlin. Since our new posting measures came in, she’s seen great improvement and is a prime example of how much fairer they are, displaying an average post count of 43.3 posts per month or 4.8 posts per player per month over the last three months under current metrics, with some great quality stuff coming out of the sim. A great showing from the players onboard, a big well done to them.

Task Force 29

After reading through all of the stories here in 29 I find myself drawn to devour all that one particular sim has to offer. Designed to read like a survival story it hits its mark time and time again. Each post seems to get better than the one before it. Of course you have realized that I am speaking of the NX-05 Atlantis.

When one reads each post one will not only see a story from those particular character’s points of view, but they will see an over-arch of a crew coming together to survive. Often the story here reminds me of a small group trying to survive after a plane crash. It is that suspenseful style that keeps me enthralled with this sim.

Commander Bethsabée Leroux and her team deserve a heap of praise. They work extremely hard to put up the numbers and quality that they do. I have actually lost sleep reading the tales that this crew puts up. I for one am curious to see not only if they make it back, but how many of them will survive to make it back. I cannot recommend this sim enough.

Congratulations Atlantis and keep up the great work!

Task Force 72

This was the hardest part for me as a TGCO, a TFXO and now as a TFCO. My entire Task Force is filled with amazing writers, crews, and stories. I had to sit and really think through this month, and spend time reading, until the late hours of the night. It was not easy, but I feel I’ve finally narrowed it down.

When I approached Commander Saulitis about it, we had separately come to the same conclusion, and picked the same crew deserving of the award. This crew saw a 62% increase in their posting numbers, which in of itself is amazing, but furthermore continued to write engaging and exciting stories along with it. They occupied a great deal of my time with following beautifully crafted stories back several months. This month’s Unit of Merit is going to the USS Andromeda. 

Captain Jonathan Reynolds and his team deserve praise and celebration. They have worked real hard to get the numbers they have, technically having the highest number of posts this month in the entire Task Force. As I mentioned above, I was lost, to the annoyance of my better half at 1 am, in a story chain from the crew, watching the developing plot. I cannot wait to see it’s conclusion be realized.