Open Spot in Task Force 72 Command?

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Life has had a whirlwind of activity for Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara. Formerly the lead of the Quantum Slipstream Drive Refinement Project, he took the mantle (if you’ll pardon the pun) of “Commanding Officer” for the USS Vesta in 2391. The Vesta made the first full journey to deploy deep space survey systems for the Galactic Core, interacted with the Republic of First Worlds, and even took part in the Transtellar Relay in the Delta Quadrant. Tragedy struck when the ship experienced a technical malfunction in it’s QSD and was presumed missing.

Missing it was not, and in 2395 the vessel reemerged. She underwent refitting, and the Captain became a Commodore, assigned to Task Force 72 as a Task Group Commander. During that time the Vesta made contact with the Qoird, was reassigned to Task Force 47 as her Task Force Commanding Officer, accidentally uncovered an abandoned Federation Colony (earning the ire of some members of the Federation Council and Starfleet alike), performed a few routine survey and courier mission, and finally, assisted in the recovery of Obsidian Command to draw the station back into real space. Lately, the Vesta was sent to Esquimalt Station, the Federation’s furthest “west” military installation to perform a full retrofit to get the station back from automated status to operational. 

There the Commodore became a Rear Admiral, much to the surprise of all involved, especially the Commodore. Federation News sources tried to reach out to the new Task Force Commanding Officer for 72, but were denied an interview and told “There is much work to do.”

Task Force 72 has similarly had a wild adventure these last few years. Formerly under the command of the well regarded Rear Admiral Farragut, the Task Force experienced a ‘golden era’ of exploration, reimagination, and restructuring. Farragut was regarded as a just and well placed leader, having been responsible for assuring the strengthening of the Task Force. He retired, to many’s belief far too early, and can now be found relaxing at his family’s home. 

Replacing him was the slightly more controversial Rear Admiral Harrington, formerly of Task Force 72-C. Harrington furthered the venture set out by the former TFCO, leading to the addition of several state of the art ships to the Task Force, and leading the War Gaming simulations. However, as mentioned, conspiracy theories surrounding Harrington’s adulterous lifestyle lead him to be criticized, and worse when his entire Task Force Command Staff was composed of female CO’s, tabloids regularly ran slander pieces around the man. 

With mounting issues surrounding Rear Admiral Harington and several scandals regarding his promiscuous activity, he was reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters where people could keep a close eye on him. The void was filled by Task Force 47’s Executive Officer, and former Task Force Group Commander, Yoshi Minawara. He assumed the role with the Majestic as his Number One, though that was to be short lived. The Majestic CO, taken with life, has decided to take time to focus on themselves and their family, retiring from the Fleet and leaving the Number One spot empty to be filled.

Our publication has discovered that the newly minted Rear Admiral is reviewing case files for possible replacements. Maybe you’re a Commanding Officer looking for a chance to review. Are you interested? We found there is a quick form one can fill out to see if the Rear Admiral is considering your application…

Check it out, maybe you’re in the running…