Christmas Events

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With this year being a year where everything had changed around us the Fleet Council and Community team have taken a different approach. Where everything in person has been cancelled we are bringing a little Christmas joy and spirit to our discord server.

From today until December 26th we have a special channel open just for Christmas stuff where we have things planned and where we encourage everyone to spread a little joy.

Discussions and Events planned (so far)

13th December- Favourite Christmas carol or holiday song
14th December – Share your favourite Christmas recipe in the #christmas channel
15th December – To say 2020 has been challenging is an understatement but looking back what are you most grateful for?
16th December – Christmas Jumper Day! Post a photo in the #christmas channel
17th December – Share a photo from a wintery walk in the #christmas channel
18th December – Share a photo of your Christmas decorations in the #christmas channel
19th December – Christmas Quiz
20th December – We will all be glad to see the back of 2020. What are you looking forward to in 2021?
21st December – Favourite holiday movie