Radiation danger has Starfleet on high alert!

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A recent build up of Theta radiation near Ivor Prime has Starfleet on high alert. 

Over the past few weeks there has been an unexpected and unexplained build up of deadly theta radiation around Ivor Prime and its surrounding systems. Starfleet has immediately moved to evacuate the civilian population and dispatch a science vessel to the region to investigate the phenomenon.

Due to Ivor Primes proximity to the Romulan border Starfleet has ordered an increase in patrols and scans along the former neutral zone.

Commanding efforts along the border is Captain Bertrand Mimmieux. We caught up with the Captain from his command post at Starbase Gibraltar. He had this to say. 

<i>”I understand this is concerning and people have been forced from their homes by a deadly and invisible enemy, but I urge calm and patience! Starfleet has invested significant resources investigating this strange turn of events and to insure the security of our borders and citizens.”</i>

It has also come to light that several new ships including the state of the art USS Tesla have been bought online ahead of schedule to help with the crisis. They are expected to join the front lines in the next day or two.

In other news the medical ship USS Pasteur is expected to offload patients at New Sydney’s medical center bringing the worst affected victims of Ivor Prime to one of the most advanced medical facilities on the border. We wish them Godspeed and a swift recovery.

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