Task Force 72 | November 2020 Report

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Ho ho hold up, I am starting to think the other two don’t treat this like a race….

November was a busy month for Team 72, and we have had a lot on the plate. Below I have tales of departure, shifting classes, stepping downs, stepping ups, side stepping, sliding to the left, criss crossing. But first…

The #OFChristmasEvent has begun and ship COs are being recognized more publicly than ever. I am proud of so many of you, and am excited above all else to be able to tell you all about it on your date. For an unrelated reason, this is my petition to remove December 18th from the calendar for no particular reason

The JFC is finalizing some details that promise to make December’s report exciting. But none of that for now. 

Now, onto the meat. 

Arrivals and Departures

This month we are seeing a whirlwind of changes happening, and I want to address the first big one. Towards the end of November, Kristi, formerly the Commanding Officer of the USS Majestic stepped down from her position as both the CO and TFXO. This cannot have been an easy decision, but as we always say, real life comes first. She made my transition to Task Force Commanding Officer one easy and without pain. She has pushed me to slip a little further ahead and to grow as a person, and while I am saddened by her leaving, I am excited to have had a chance to gotten to work with her. She will still be around the Fleet, so we are not deprived of her, and maybe one day she’ll return to the centre seat.

Fair winds Commodore. 

Now to the happier news. The USS Gladiator has been around long enough to have started, left, and returned to Obsidian Fleet as long as I have been a Commanding Officer. Briefly the Vesta and her served alongside one another in 2016 in distant lands, which feels forever ago today. That said, the Gladiator has reached a point where her crew and captain seek a new adventure, and have set their eyes on the USS Arcadia. You may not be aware, but there is a provision that there may be only one Odyssey class per Task Force, meaning once again the crew of the Gladiator and the Vesta may serve side by side, though name and class have changed. We welcome Captain Hawkins and his crew to Task Force 72, and to the mantle of Arcadia.

Which leaves one final statement. 

At the end of the month with Commodore Saultis stepping down I needed a replacement second. She left big shoes to fill, and I let those in the Fleet reach out if they were interested. I received three applications, and all three have been reached out to separately with news ahead. I wanted to thank those who applied, and also curse them for taking a short discussion and making it a long one. I have had many closed door discussions, some open door ones, and some probing ones. But, after all was said and done, a decision had to be made. 

Captain Hawkins, effective immediately you are to assume command of the Arcadia, and the position of Task Force Executive Officer, for Task Force 72. Report to Esquimalt Station for the ship transfer, and some new fancy command codes. 

Please join me in welcoming my new TFXO, and wishing him good luck. He’ll need it. 


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 10

RIO: 0

Total Posts (SPM): 255.66

Average Posts per Player: 2.62


This has been 

Unit of Merit

The UoM this month wasn’t even a question in my eyes. The USS Tesla has had a phenomenal month, going from being on the brink of collapse to posting an amazing 38.7 SPM. Further, I have never seen a CO come back from the edge with such vigor and passion, with a plan and a goal, and crush both of them. I can think of no one more deserving for this accolade today.

To the crew of the Tesla, and her Captain, I want to say congratulations. May you carry this energy from here on out. 


We have weathered the storm and shore is in sight. You continue to show your strength 72, and you continue to impress me, to be a beacon for the Fleet. I cannot express how proud I am to serve you, and to be surrounded by people so talented. Thank you for this opportunity. 

2020 has been anything but an easy year for any of us. Stress and conflict have driven people apart. Obsidian Fleet, and especially you 72, have been a welcome and warm place for many. A family. I would not be here, and none of us would be able to do what we do, if it weren’t for you all. To Team 72, I hope December is kind to you, and I hope your holidays are full of cheer, regardless of your circumstance. To the Fleet, I hope you are able to find joy, in the little things, and the small details. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza (Habari Gani I believe it is), and to those of you where there is no denomination, may your holidays be cheerful. 

Should you have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected], or should you need Captain Hawkins, she can be reached via [email protected]. Thank you all, and safe simming.