Fleet Ops Handbook Announcement

Written Bydulac
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As we have been hinting at since Obsidian Day a handbook has been in the works alongside the complete revision of the Fleet Rules and Regulations. This has been a long-running project to fully bring the fleet up to date and take us boldly into the future. This handbook was held up at the final hurdle with a few fleet council changes but we are happy to announce that it is finally finished enough that we want to share with you. 

There are a few things that have not been completed yet as we’ve added them quite recently with Picard and Lower Decks airing to give more variety. You will find some specifications are not yet available along with the advance sim management course. We are planning to get them finished by the end of March but there is nothing holding up the first phase to bring us up to the here and now before we look forward.

We know that a few things have been delayed recently with IC promotions due to this but we had to do things in phases to allow things to be fair. Promotions from Commander to Captain, and Lieutenant Commander to Commander, will be looked at this month with them being confirmed in January.  

We know there will be many questions from fleet members and we will be setting up a question and answer session to make sure we give the answers that people need as soon possible.