End Of Year Nominations – Character

Written Bydulac
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S’hib – USS Elysium

It takes a brave and creative person to create their own race, and then play it warts and all. As a Sequus, or humanoid horse, S’hib patrols the halls of the Elysium and defends its crew, whilst battling with finding his way through different cultural norms, like how much clothing is acceptable (Not enough for a human is too much for a sequus), the loneliness of a herd animal in an individualist culture, and building a new ‘herd’ with his friends, and the woman who loves him. Loyal, dauntless, caring, and slowly descending into a prank war with the pilot, I can’t imagine the Elysium without him, and wouldn’t want to.

Arrianna Salannis an Vantar – USS Elysium

Commander Arrianna Salannis an Vantar is a tireless worker and has shown that this year has been her year. She stepped up as Second officer on the USS Elysium, and has had wonderful storylines in the prime and mirror universe. Her delving into the mental games of her two mirror characters was brilliant and shows her deep connection to the game and the character.

Michael Burnstein – SS Mary Rose

The character of Michael is fascinating from the way he joined the ship in a bar fight to his fascination with blowing stuff up. Cam writes him and he is one of the most believable engineers I have ever seen, every plot and story arc is exciting. The relationships he had built on SS Mary Rose are warming and true from his friendship with a half Vulcan to the almost sister/brother relationship he had with a Romulan. A pleasure to write with Michael and watch the character change over the last year.

Elegy Nascimento – NX05 Atlantis

The character has been through so much and still remains himself. His world always seems to be changing and yet he adapts and is always such an interesting character. The character is one of the few characters I have seen wrote with a disability that is both believable and thought-provoking. It is going to be an interesting ride into the unknown with him on board and I for one cannot wait.

Pheonix Lalor – USS Elysium

Her character is not your generic character. She stepped into the Captaincy after others left. Couple missions back her character caused others to be creative as they posted an amazing story line in the Mirror Universe.