Task Force 72 Report | December 2020

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Happy New Year! A new year, a new chance for Team 72 to slide into the report game first. 

December was a hard month. I am not going to sugar coat anything, the new handbook caused tensions, and before the rest of my report I wanted to address that, and give many of you a fair chance to know me a little better. To know what to expect from me at the helm of Task Force 72.

Many of you know, but for those that don’t, I am heavily involved in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program. I have been a Public Relations Officer, and to this day serve with a Cadet squadron in my city as the Standards Officer and Level Training Officer. I am not well liked by many of the parents of my squadron because everyone gets the same treatment from me, from the lowest Air Cadet, to the Warrant Officer First Class. I expect the exact same, and do everything in my power to present that. That means when I do trials for Parade positions with my cadets (who are 12-18, by the way), I treat every single applicant who comes before me the exact same. I have given Sergeants parade positions over Flight Sergeants, because they showed the merit and drive. I will tell a 17 year old they should be ashamed that a 12 year old has better polished boots. I am the first person to set a problem straight and I will not care who I am talking to, who your mom is, who your best friend is, and what your school life is like. 

I am also the first person to offer help. My door has not once been closed (or existed), and I have taken time to teach anyone who comes to my desk. I will treat you like an adult, I will celebrate your wins and mourn your losses. My cadets know me as a stoic and firm face, but I will laugh with them and saw me cry for the first time as I hugged the dad of one of my cadets who was killed in a crash. I present every cadet who achieves the highest position in the program, WO1, with a Canadian 50¢ piece, which has the Canada coat of Arms on it, my small tribute to their success. I sat parents down to explain to a cadet with severe autism he cannot be a pilot, but made sure he knew that the program would still accept him and encourage him to find his own successes. I have never once lied to my cadets, and I will do anything to help them find their wins. 

I take that exact same approach into simming. 

None of you will receive favoritism, or my scorn because of my personal feelings towards you. I will judge every single one of you on the actions you take, and the guidelines that have been presented to me. I have people here in 72 that I consider my friends, those I have written with, and those I hardly know. Some of you know all the buttons to push at the right time to get under my skin. None of you will be treated any different on a Fleet level due to that. In return, I expect you to follow the standards laid out for you, and I will present for you with every opportunity to succeed. This month I appointed Paul, known as Captain David Hawkins, to my right hand man. He and I will be working to ensure that you are noticed, rewarded, and helped. We have reintroduced the opportunity to tell us the positions you are looking to fill. I will be available to be as active or detached from your sim as you need of me. If you stumble I am going to push your forward and help you find your wins. Those are the roles entrusted to me by the JFC and by you. In turn, I expect only honesty and truth. If you tell me how you’re feeling, your concerns, your wins, your failures, I will do whatever it takes to see that you get what you want from this community. That is from the yeoman who writes a small post bimonthly, up to the most active of Captains. My door is always open.

I will end with a reminder: This is a hobby, one that takes up our time and our energy. We should enjoy it, and if at any point you do not enjoy working with me, then I encourage you to take some time to focus on yourself. The door to this fleet will always be open when you are ready. But if you slap me in the face, use backhanded words and attempt to bully me into stroking your ego, I want you to know I will not capitulate, and remind you I deal with actual children who I can treat like adults – do not make me treat you like a child. 

Arrivals and Departures

The Commanding Office elect of the Majestic failed out of the Command Academy, and as a result the Majestic has pulled into drydock for the last time. This does unfortunately remove the Majestic from Task Force 72 this month. We will miss the presence of a fine ship. 

The USS Andromeda has departed OF. 

If you have any concerns or questions regarding these, please let us know. 


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 9

RIO: 0

Total Posts (SPM): 197.478

Average Posts per Player: 3.09

72nd Recruiting Listing

USS Vesta

–          Currently Not Recruiting

U.S.S. Arcadia

–          Chief Flight Control Officer

–          Chief Engineering Officer

–          Chief Intelligence Officer

–          Chief Operations Officer

–          Marine Squadron Commander

Aegeon Seabase

 –          Currently Not Recruiting

U.S.S. Athena

–          Currently Not Recruiting

U.S.S. Eagle

–          Currently Not Recruiting 

Haumea Colony

–          Chief Science Officer

–          Chief Medical Officer

–          Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Mercutio

–          Pending Recruitment Listing

U.S.S. Nightingale

–          Pending Recruitment Listing

U.S.S. Tesla

–          Ships Counselor 

–          Asst Chief Tactical/Security Officer 

–          Asst Chief Operations Officer 

–          Asst Chief Science Officer 

–          Asst Chief Medical Officer



These have been on hold for a while, waiting for our handbook to be finalized, and I wanted to make sure I got these done and over with right.

To the Rank of Commander:
Commander Ajani, USS Eagle
Commander Tevek, USS Tesla.

To the rank of Captain:
Captain Kane, USS Athena  

Unit of Merit

This month had a lot on the go and a lot of moving parts. There will be no Unit of Merit this month.


Have a good January everyone. 

There may still be lingering questions or concerns about the handbook, and I wanted to let you know that, should you have concerns I am open to discussion. If they need to, they can remain strictly between us, or be shared to the JFC, whatever you need.

Should you have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected], or should you need Captain Hawkins, he can be reached via [email protected]. Thank you all, and safe simming.