End Of Year Nominations – Commanding Officers

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With all the changes in the fleet recently we reopened the Commanding Officer of the year nominations and got more than previously. Congratualations to all the nominees.

Voting will happen soon.

Phoenix Lalor – USS Elysium

“Quite simply, Captain Lalor is the inspiration that drives and molds the Elysium crew. She leads by example, be it writing posts to creating imaginative posts for the crew to participate in. She is fair but tough in dealing with those who abuse posting requirements. She strives to keep everyone informed and included in ship business.   She also is a mentor to newer players, answering their questions, writing posts with them. Anything to make their time on the ship easier.   When it comes to her character, she is not above them in harms way and getting down and dirty. I stated earlier she was an inspiration, I was wrong she is the glue that holds the crew and sim together.”

Tyler Malbrooke – USS Pioneer   

“Malbrooke’s writer has led the Pioneer through a trying year and keeps a steady hand by which the SIM is run, resulting infun storylines and well developed, diverse characters.”

Tevek – USS Tesla            

“They have had a hard time, almost losing the Tesla due to personal reasons. Yet in the last few months they have managed to not only pull the Tesla back up from near dead but have become one of the more active ships in the fleet.”

Jacob Kane – USS Athena

“Paul/Capt Kane has done an exceptional job of leading the Athena.  He is always helping others, moving the story along, coming up with amazing mission scenarios and getting crew involvement.  I was new to simming when I start on the Athena and Paul was quick to help me get started and make me feel like I was part of the team.  He’s always available for questions and consistently asks the rest of the crew for their input on missions etc.   Because of his leadership, our ship has really excelled!”

Reuben Gregnol – SS Mary Rose

“B is amazing and massively underappreciated – not only as a member of JFC on top of being a CO, she has kept the Rosie crew going through this last year incredibly well. Although she has high standards she’s not forceful in any way, instead encouraging others to get involved and making the sim a true sandbox with opportunities for literally anything players want. Rosie has had a tough year with players leaving but that hasn’t dampened her spirits nor determination to keep telling great stories.”