Communication Report – December 2020

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So I have not done a report for a little bit due to personally not being up to being on my laptop for long enough to write it along with just how busy things have been of recent. But it is not like I have not been around and doing stuff as communication has been as busy as usual.

Nominations for end of 2020 awards are all done and out. Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and Character of the year. Just waiting on last of the unit of merit award and then we can vote on quarter votes to then vote on end of year awards. Lots of power in your hands.


As some of you know I was always going to be leaving the comms role eventually once both JFC and Comms were stable. Both of these are stable. But it has been made impossible to keep powering through with both roles. So it is in the communities best interest and my own that it has been decided that I will pass on the shiny pink hat and the best department our community has. If anyone here is interested in the hat please reach out.

We have also this month nabbed a new comm champion in Tevek. He is a familiar face around the fleet as well as the CO of USS Tesla.

We are also looking for a recruitment champion and an award champion. If anyone is interested in an extra role reach out.

Social Media

If you didn’t already know we also have the following social media that we manage. Every follow, click and like counts towards getting us out there to potential players. Some Commanding Officers have done some awesome work in linking stuff to our Facebook site.

Like on Facebook
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News Items

We need everyone – players and CO’s alike – to submit news stories. These could be anything from an awesome mission on your sim to a great post you want to see everyone talking about. Commanding Officers please remember we have sim, post and now character spotlight to shout out to everyone how awesome you guys are. It also doesn’t take long to get them approved either just need to summon me in IFS help on discord.

If you need assistance please contact me.

Final thoughts…

2020 is finally over
What an incredibly challenging year
We’ve been tested at here and far
By a virus that caused such fear
And by a new handbook that caused such dread
We know that it’s not over
And there are challenges still to come
But as the New Year has come and gone
Let’s reflect on what you’ve done…

You’ve shown incredible resilience
Your commitment has stayed true
You’ve fought to keep ships going
And the community at the heart of all you do
Sometimes it’s been relentless
The stress has been intense
The challenge has been immense
But you’ve all stayed true

We’ve welcomed new members
Said goodbye to others too
Throughout you’ve pulled together
And helped each other through
You’ve adapted to working differently
You’ve been commended by your crews
In the knowledge you’ll be there
And yet you’re still innovating
Our stories have never once stood still

So, to celebrate the end of 2020 bingo
We want to say thank you for 2020 and 2396
And good luck to 2021 and 2397 from us to you

Total disclaimer – Not my poem… I modified for the fleet between calls at work before Christmas as I was thinking about you all and the changes we have all been through and how the year has changed us all.