Khitomer Conference 2021

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We wanted to thank everyone that came to yesterday to the Third Annual Khitomer Conference. The turnout out from the fleet was fantastic, and the discussions were amazing from everyone especially the panels that were created by our members.


Hawkins (for also being the quiz assistant and keeping score)

If anyone missed it transcripts will be available end of the week and we will let everyone know when they are available.

A little reminder and a quote from last night about Khitomer and the future of it ‘just because the panels are over for this year does not mean that the fun has to end. There have several workshop rooms which are open for you to bring any raw concepts relating to games, characters, starships, worlds, etc. and get some free crowdsourcing thoughts and feedback on those ideas. We simply ask that all criticism be constructive. These are also open all-year-round! There are also several different recruitment channels available that will continue to remain open.

The hosts of Khitomer are definitely looking for more ways to keep the spirit of this event alive all year long. We’re already hard at work on developing some special methods of recognizing the fantastic sims and players and organizations in our wider Trek community. Stay tuned to this server in the coming weeks for more details.’

We would like to thank our fellow hosts over in 22nd and PF for putting aside differences three years ago and thinking of the community and the future and deciding to move forward together. It was fantastic working with you to bring this event together again.